The beautiful people of the Philippines are a hospitable lot.  They are always eager to smile and always happy to please.

Peek a boo.


Prize possession.


Beauty in training.

In the act.

Fruit time.

Getting around.

Deep in thought.

Always smiling.

Brand new world.

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Kyaaaaa! So cute!

This little girl ❤ Oh god, my heart is meltingggg. So cute :3

The Legacy of Authentic Leadership


If you’re a leader who is ready to move on, either by promotion, for a new challenge or even retirement and there is no one prepared to step in and take your place then no matter what your accomplishments have been, you have not fully succeeded as a leader.

Authentic leaders build more leaders not just a bigger following.

At any level of an organization the surest way to advance is to prepare others to succeed in the position that you currently hold. That’s where true job security comes from. Never limit your thinking to the belief that “job security” only comes from the job you currently hold or company where you are currently employed.

The ability to build leaders ensures that you’ll always be in demand, it ensures that you’ll always have “job security.” Today, more than ever before true job security comes from what you bring to an…

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Well, I kinda like this video~ I don’t know why, since its kinda pretty wild and bad. But still, the beats so awesome! ;D Somehow, causing unknown reason for head banging. Hehe

With a new iPad app Yummly aims to put its recipe engine right next to your stove


As long as you don’t mind getting a little grease splatter on your iPad, Yummly just released a new kitchen tool that could be very useful for home cooks. On Thursday its iPad app debuted in the iTunes store, letting burgeoning chefs turn their Apple(s aapl) tablets into digital recipe books they can prop up on their kitchen counters.

While the core features of its iPhone app and semantic recipe search portal have made it into the iPad app, Yummly has tweaked the interface to make it much handier as a cooking tool, rather than just a recipe research tool. For instance, the iPad app will let users load up multiple recipes simultaneously and toggle between them with a touch of screen, said Yummly CEO and co-founder Dave Feller. That kind of feature can come in very handy when cooking a multicourse meal, Feller added.

Yummly iPad app search

Yummly started out as a…

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This soft robot fish swims like the real deal


If an autonomous fish robot recently developed at MIT finds itself about to run into an obstacle, it convulses its body to switch directions at the last second, just like a real fish.

Its secret? It is made of soft silicone rubber and powered by fluid that shoots through vein-like channels in its body, giving it the ability to move faster and more freely than more traditional “hard” robots.

“The fact that the body deforms continuously gives these machines an infinite range of configurations, and this is not achievable with machines that are hinged,” MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory director Daniela Rus said in a release Thursday. “A rigid-body robot could not do continuous bending.”

 Doctoral candidate Andrew Marchese holds a soft robotic fish developed by the Distributed Robotics Laboratory. Photo courtesy of M. Scott Brauer.
Doctoral candidate Andrew Marchese holds a soft robotic fish developed by the Distributed Robotics Laboratory. Photo courtesy of M. Scott Brauer.

Soft robots are also much less dangerous to people and their surroundings…

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Road Stories

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Originally posted on draw and shoot:
A winter sky and roadside grasses. The sky actually looked just like this, with rainbow colours shimmering at the edges of the clouds. The little bird flew right into the frame just as I…

Bitcoin “vault” Xapo offers solution to theft and a tiny nest egg upon signup


One of the reason bitcoins get so much attention is because people keep stealing them. Every week it seems that another “secure” wallet service gets plundered by tech-savvy thieves.

That’s one of the appeals of Xapo, a startup that just received a $20 million investment to build out its secure, insured “vault” for bitcoins.

I signed up for Xapo on Thursday to check it out, and to see about its “free bitcoin” offer for new customers. Alas, it turns out the giveaway only amounts to 0.00005 of a bitcoin — or, if you prefer, 5,000 satoshis (the currency’s smallest unit) — which adds up to about 3 cents as of Thursday. But even though the free satoshis aren’t worth your time, the company’s “vault” claims are still pretty cool.

It works like this: when you transfer your bitcoins from a Xapo wallet to the vault, the company encrypts the data and…

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Cute meow meow =w=

What I can say, cute cats always make my heart feel so warm. Even though I’m a cat-less person, I still celebrate Caturday. Why I don’t have cats? Well, I’m a student that staying at the dorm, and my parents don’t really like cats. T.T So people out there, please adopt a cat. They will steal your heart, and break the ice inside you. 😉