Scientists figure out what’s bugging the bees—and how to save them

Save bees!

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Swarm, the new app from Foursquare, is done with games


Does anyone even care about badges anymore? What seemed like an unavoidable trend just a few years ago is now fading into the sunset. Perhaps this is no better felt than in the release of Foursquare’s new app, Swarm (which is, funny enough, named after a badge on Foursquare). While it does a great job of spinning out the friend-focused elements of Foursquare’s check-in system, Swarm is shockingly devoid of any gamification features — especially ones that arguably put the company on the map in the first place.

Swarm_ScreenWhen logging in to Swarm for the first time, users with a history on Foursquare will see their data — including friends and past check-ins — seamlessly port to the new interface. You can check in with the same ease as the original Foursquare app, but the app encourages users to update their general location with its “neighborhoods” designation.

For example, if I’m sitting…

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Two bells


Two bellsThere are millions of these little beauties around the British countryside at the moment – and they even find a home in the leafier spots of London.

The native bluebell, more delicate than their robust European cousins, wondrous clustered richly together and in their own right.

Worth spending far too long on your knees in the woods with a macro lens… Click to enlarge

photo shop green

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Sad Batman


Earlier this week, the first image of Ben Affleck’s Batman (henceforth known as “Batfleck”) was released to the general public.


Personally I was not impressed. It looks to me like Batfleck has been abusing steroids, he’s vein-ier that a porn cock and his ears look like kitten ears. (SirEats will have you know his ears are more batlike than Batfleck.)

But, as is true of all things, my reaction had nothing on the internet’s. Behold the Sad Batman Meme.

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Cloud fight: Sifting through the Red Hat OpenStack support twitsnit


You have to love it when the fallout from a story is bigger, better and more exciting than the story itself.

Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal, citing unspecified documents, reported that Red Hat(s rhat) would not support its own Linux customers’ use of non-Red Hat OpenStack. Since OpenStack is the foundation of Red Hat’s foray into cloud computing — which, let’s face it, is its growth path, I followed up on that story here. Red Hat supporters cried foul, saying that this was standard practice for many software companies — that no one vendor can support everyone else’s stuff. Others denied the contention altogether.

So let’s try to sort this out. First, from the Journal:

“In its quest to sell OpenStack, Red Hat has chosen not to provide support to its commercial Linux customers if they use rival versions of OpenStack, according to documents reviewed by The Wall…

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Poems by James Owens

The Blue Hour

Hard Rain

Blackbirds were there and not there,
flickering as darkly as the forest,
in and out of the wind,
quick needles sewing the day to our blood.

She said, “They are seeds on the first breath of creation.”

She said, “Maybe there is a world where chaos
is distinguishable from order, but I won’t go there.”

She said, “My bones are hollow, too,
and when I tumble onto the grass
with my arms wide, the sky falls into me.”

Her face was shining.

It breaks my heart when I remember
that this was the day before the storm.

I told you: look, it is snowing

It was beginning
just then, outside

in the winter sunlight,
first flakes erratic and

quick, from a cloud-
swept wilderness.

You were three years old.
I loved you, and

the same snow was already falling
in some other year

when I…

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With a new iPad app Yummly aims to put its recipe engine right next to your stove


As long as you don’t mind getting a little grease splatter on your iPad, Yummly just released a new kitchen tool that could be very useful for home cooks. On Thursday its iPad app debuted in the iTunes store, letting burgeoning chefs turn their Apple(s aapl) tablets into digital recipe books they can prop up on their kitchen counters.

While the core features of its iPhone app and semantic recipe search portal have made it into the iPad app, Yummly has tweaked the interface to make it much handier as a cooking tool, rather than just a recipe research tool. For instance, the iPad app will let users load up multiple recipes simultaneously and toggle between them with a touch of screen, said Yummly CEO and co-founder Dave Feller. That kind of feature can come in very handy when cooking a multicourse meal, Feller added.

Yummly iPad app search

Yummly started out as a…

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