Cloud fight: Sifting through the Red Hat OpenStack support twitsnit


You have to love it when the fallout from a story is bigger, better and more exciting than the story itself.

Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal, citing unspecified documents, reported that Red Hat(s rhat) would not support its own Linux customers’ use of non-Red Hat OpenStack. Since OpenStack is the foundation of Red Hat’s foray into cloud computing — which, let’s face it, is its growth path, I followed up on that story here. Red Hat supporters cried foul, saying that this was standard practice for many software companies — that no one vendor can support everyone else’s stuff. Others denied the contention altogether.

So let’s try to sort this out. First, from the Journal:

“In its quest to sell OpenStack, Red Hat has chosen not to provide support to its commercial Linux customers if they use rival versions of OpenStack, according to documents reviewed by The Wall…

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